Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A bit of fun-you're tagged!

I decided to join mommy gourmet on her tagging post here. It seems like fun and a great way to finding more foodies.

Here's how it works:

I was tagged by mommy gourmet. Then I was asked to post the 6 picture in the 6th folder under my pictures on my computer. Then I was to tell about the picture and tag 6 others to do the same.

The 6th picture is, ironically enough the one Portuguese recipe that was so very popular with my colleagues at work. I baked it, took into work at 8.30 and, by 8.45 there was nothing left but crumbs. My favourite bread and a favourite among some others-Portuguese Chorizo Bread.

And my tags:



  1. i really like your site. thank you so much for dropping by. I hope you come back and I will stop by again and again.
    Take care.

  2. Thank you for the tag! I looked under My pictures and only had a few old pics there, no folders :)

  3. Hi Ruth,
    Yours is a lovely blog and the tagging idea is great. What a learning curve this is!

  4. Oh my! that looks wonderful. I wish I worked with you!

  5. I love recipes with stuffing's. I just came home from Costco with Chao su Baou,stuffed pork dumplings and I can't stop eating them. This stuffed Portuguese bread must be delicious!

  6. LOL @ Mommy Gourmet. My colleagues are the best, well-fed, guinea pigs ever!

    @ Joy-Keep on going :)

    @ 5 star foodie-Pictures like the ones on your site are worth a thousand :)

    @ Laurie- just checked your recipe. Wow that is a must taste! Definitely!

  7. I ate so well in Portugal, in fact is one of my favorite countries in Europe. Chourizo Bread sounds graet

  8. @ Sylvia-thoroughly impressed with your language skills-not only do you speak perfect English ( and Spanish of course!) but perfect Portuguese too!

  9. Yowsers these look good! And seemingly easy... love this picture too. its making my stomach growl.
    Cigar Bunker