Friday, 3 July 2009

Lime and Mint Tuna Skewers with Parsley and Garlic Buttered Potatoes

On with the healthy Summer Omega 3 oil yummy Feast.

Last night, my fresh Tuna Steaks took centre stage.
The combination of flavours was amazing.

And I can't even take credit for it...

It all came from watching a Jamie Oliver Video in which, whilst making some Courgette Chips, he stated that Garlic, Lime, Mint and Chili go with everything and are the best marinade/dressing ingredients ever!
Well I have a gorgeous Mint plant on my window sill as you can see here:So, looking at it, I thought that Jamie' s advice sounded like a good idea for my gorgeous Tuna steaks.
Had never tried it before but once again, Jamie Oliver was 100 per cent right.
Trust me, you so have to try this. I will on other meats and fish too!


For the skewers

2 tuna steaks cut in chunks
1/2 red red pepper cut in chunks (same size as tuna)
1/2 green pepper cut in chunks (as before)
1/2 onion cut in chunks (again same size)
4 skewer sticks

For the marinade/dressing
Handful of fresh mint mint
1 large chili pepper chopped
1 lime
Extra virgin Olive oil
3 Cloves of garlic chopped
salt and pepper to taste
For the potatoes
4 medium sized potatoes-washed
good measure of butter mixed in with chopped parsley and garnish

Serve with some salad-I used the vegetables left over from the skewers and mixed them in with some lettuce.


Place all vegetables and tuna in a bowl and cover in the marinade.
Place it in the fridge for at least one hour.Pre-heat your oven
Scoop a hole 1/2 way through your baking potatoes and fill them with the butter.
Wrap the potatoes individually in tin foil in order not to lose any of the butter.
Place them in the oven for half an hour or until soft to the touch.Skewer the tuna and vegetables and heat the griddle pan. Cook the skewers for 2 minutes on each side- to seal flavours- and finish them in the oven.

Serve with salad and potatoes

Yellowfin Tuna on Foodista


  1. Wow! That looks delicious. That Jamie Oliver knows a thing or two! And I love the idea of making a special butter hole in the potatoes - I'll definitely be trying that.

  2. This looks fantastic. Very summery!

  3. This dish sounds so refreshing and I'd astonish my family with my culinary prowess if I made these.

  4. Having trouble commenting - maybe third time's the charm - but love this meal - healthy, summery and most important - delicious! Brava!

  5. Oh Goodness, those potatoes look so damn delicious!! The entire meal is just fantastic!

  6. I have an award for you on my blog LOL

  7. Wow! Another delicious recipe, we love tuna, this recipe is perfect. Thanks so much. Bye!

  8. Lovely tuna kebabs and the very fresh summer salad I am in there for some to eat :) kisses :) xxx

  9. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments and reassurance. I have some amazing recipes coming up, from Ratatouille and Portuguese Chicken Goujons to Baked Spinach and Chicken Pasta and Portuguese Fish rice!

  10. EEh Rebecca, just noticed the award! Wow, my first. Totally unexpected!! Many thanks!

  11. Tuna kebab. What a great way to eat tuna. Great recipe!

  12. yum, that looks great. i love tuna, thanks for the recipe!

  13. This looks fantastic....
    Refreshing!!! The perfect summer meal.

  14. The tuna skewers look fabulous with lime and mint and yummy potatoes! Excellent dinner!

  15. What a wonderful recipe. I've never made tuna skewers before, but now you have me curious!