Monday, 24 August 2009

Special Giveaway challenge: Guess the country and/or The Dish

Here's a challenge for foodies out there.

2 Pictures, 2 different dishes from 2 different countries. Can you guess the country or the dish? If you can guess both, you're a true foodie!!
Both dishes are typical of the countries although they may not be as well known abroad!
Oh and these pics were taken by me so, hmmm, I got to eat them too!!!!!! Yum!

Go on, give it a go! :)

EDIT: To make it more exciting I've decided to add a very special Giveaway to the person who correctly guesses the country and dish- a 250ml bottle of homemade Extra-Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Ribatejo region in Portugal.
Deadline is September 1st-Good luck!

hmm, didnt realise how misleading the pics could to help you along I will keep posting a few more pics. If you can guess any of the dishes and countries, the yummy olive oil is yours :)

Pictures/country 1:

Pictures/country 2:


  1. pic one paella spain ( really I will fail but worth a try!
    a spanakoptia Greece

  2. wow, I am not good at this at all, but here is my guess, unfortuately I just realized they are the same as Chow and Chatter. Spainish Paella (one of my favorite dishes) and Greek Spinach Pie (one of my grandmoms best dishes, but I have always been afraid to try it) PS thanks for visiting my blog today, wish it was warm enough there for a bbq

  3. I agree that it's a delicious Greek spanokopita, but I don't think that's paella. Mmmm, looks delicious. Some kind of fantastic Portuguese dish?!

  4. Paella is the first guess, but the second pic is a mystery...

  5. Hmmm ... not sure - it looks like paella but don't see the saffron-y rice. Hmmm. But will guess it. (Spain) The second does indeed look like a Greek Spinach Pie. I would guess spanikopita - but the ones I've had seem to be thicker. Either way - it's a fun game and looks scrumptious.

  6. I think the first one is octopus. And the second is from Greece.

  7. Well.... maybe the first one is octopus Jambalaya from New Orleans:D and the second is gozleme from Turkey:D

  8. Here's a tip: both countries are in Europe! :)

  9. Pic one is Arroz de Polvo (octopus rice), and the other looks like bacalhau a Braz (Braz Salted Cod)
    Country is my own Portugal. The bacalhau a Braz is more central region and the octopus more of a south dish.
    Second country is Italy, we have a pizza, spinach, bacon and mozzarella, the other looks like a foccacia bread (above the pizza, the other is like a spinach and ricotta foccacia bake, Country is Italy...hope this is correct as I love olive oil.... hehe Rico|Recipes

  10. What Ricardo said, HaHa!!! Looks like you had some great dishes!!!

  11. On the pizza when I said bacon I meant ham (but is so thin and great quality that looked at first like bacon, well same animal anyway lol) xxx