Friday, 2 October 2009


I would like to share the recipe for tortellini

I had this in Modena-the region where it's originally from-cooked by a real Italian Mamma!

The recipe I'm publishing here is actually from a Bologna local- a Bolognese?? - with his own wonderful website and I think his recipe is the closest to the original.

So here's Alessandro Guerani's Recipe from his Foodografia website:


The following ingredients are for about 12 persons.

The pastry
2,2 lbs flour, 8 eggs.
Pound the flour with the eggs until you'll get a homogeneous dough. Spread the dough upon a flour covered table and roll it out until you get a very thin pastry without holes in it. Cut then the pastry in squares large 1 and half inches at max.

The filling
3.5 ozs turkey breast, 3.5 ozs veal meat, 3.5 ozs pork lean meat, 3.5 ozs Parma ham, 3.5 ozs Bologna sausage, 7 ozs grinded parmesan cheese, 1 egg, butter, salt, powdered nutmeg.
Brown the turkey, pork and the veal meat in some butter. When they'll be well cooked, put them together with the ham and the bologna in a meat grinder. Add then the parmesan cheese, the egg, the salt and the nutmeg. Blend all the ingredients together until you get a homogenous mixture.

Closing the "tortellino"
It's the harder part of the recipe but after a bit of practicing and some waste you'll get some results, maybe not perfect but palatable.
Going to the practical side you have to bend the square of pastry, with some filling inside, to form a triangle. Grasp then the two corners of longest side of the triangle and push them behind, until they overlap, then you can join them together with some finger pressure.
The first ones you'll create won't be good looking for sure, but try to taste them (tortellini are good to eat even raw). If they taste good in your mouth then you succeded!

The stock
2.2 lbs beef, 1 lb spongy beef bone, 1 lb beef tongue, 2.2 lbs chicken or capon meat, 1 carrot, 1 celery rib, 1 onion, 2.5-3 galons of water, salt.
Tortellini must be cooked in some stock. There are no alternatives, don't even ask! The stock must be prepared with the above ingredients that you have to left to cook in the water for about 4 hours.
I really enjoyed it :)!

Tortellini on Foodista


  1. Hey, this looks incredible and I cannot wait to give it a try. I've had some computer problems as well, not what you want to come back to after vacation, look forward to seeing more about yours.

  2. So glad your back!! I love this recipe and the beef stock sounds amazing! And... Love that picture of you!

  3. oh yummy, great pasta and u look so cute!, i am coming home to the Uk in Nov!

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  6. Hi Ruth,
    Glad you are back! That looks great.

  7. hello, Ruth,
    same as the others, glad to have you back.. nice work on the tortellini, I heard that's hard to do but you pulled it off! :)

  8. nice work, ruth!
    i'd never imagine making it at home!

  9. The tortellini looks delicious! Thanks for sharing this with your foodie friends.

  10. Pegasuslegend-Thank you so much but I can only take credit for eating it lol

    Miriam-Muchas gracias-besos! :)

    Oyster Culture-I know just what you mean, hope you can get it fixed soon. Always look forward to reading all your posts :)

    Diana-Blush! Lol Love your 24 24 post and all the pics too :)

    Rebecca-So great to hear you're comng over. Are you just going to Scotland?

    Erica-thank you so much! It's nice to be back!

    Olive-Thank you, although I didnt actually make it but I did eat several bowlfuls of it :)

    lululu-Hope you do try it, its time consuming but well worth it

    Velva-Thank you. All the pleasure comes from sharing and learning from each other :)

  11. Wow Im so impressed that you make this.Im a little scared to looks so good I may have to.Figtreeapps

  12. Ravioli is hard enough, this would be more difficult, but clearly worth it!

  13. My family is British and my daughter will be marrying a lovely Portuguese fellow Portugal. You are right British food can be comforting especially some roast beef and Yorkshire pudding:D

  14. Ruth - Left you a little something on my blog ;) Un beso!

  15. Tortelllini sound lovely! Great job making them!

  16. Ugh I hate when the internet gets all wacky!

    Tortellini looks wonderful.

  17. Ohhhhhhhhh I think tortellini is my favorite food of all time, and that's just the frozen/dried stuff- I'm sure your homemade version is TRANSCENDENT!

  18. Welcome back and here you are with one of my favorite stuffed pastas! Oh they look scrumptious! Double yays for you!

  19. Yum indeed, this looks amazing. I have been wanting to make Tortellini for sometime, and now I have no excuse. Hope all is well in your world!

  20. Hey missy, can't wait to hear from you again :)

  21. When you have time I left something for you on my blog. I have so enjoyed your posts.

  22. Love the filling in your tortellini - it sounds delish!