Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Award, What Makes Me Happy and My Upcoming Foodie Experience

 Last week, Claudia from Journey of an Italian Cook, gave me a quite unexpected 'appreciation' award

I have been following Claudia's blog for quite a while now. She recreates wonderful recipes from her Italian background and I find them, not only exciting to make, but also full of interesting flavours.

So, I could leave it at that and move on, but I have to be honest and say that there is more to Claudia's blog that makes me want to go back time and time again!
You can sense a sort of tenderness in her writing style coupled with a witty sense of humour.
Her comments to your recipes always have a personal touch.
You can feel her enjoyment in browsing through the recipes that other folk so lovingly create.
Even her picture in the blog emanates a certain sense of serenity.

All in all, whenever I read her blog I just feel drawn into this world where feeding the family, watching them lovingly eating what you made, writing plays that can be enjoyed and recreated by young people, teaching others and wanting to learn all at once, are the central focus.
Of giving and receiving, and I can totally identify myself with that.
Good food, good people and the mere appreciation of the fact that in life you never stop teaching, but mostly, learning!

So here's to you, Claudia, may many more things continue to bring you as much happiness as you bring to us.
Yes, because the point of the award was also to write ten things that make you happy.

I put off answering this question for as long as I could.
Not because I couldn't think of ten things that made me happy, but because I couldn't think of the ten things that I could stress more than others.

So in the end I decided to just let my instinct take over and let it flow, so to speak.

My son's arms around me when he comes home from school and I know he has genuinely missed me.
When he shows off something new, so excitedly. I still feel like the most important person in his life lol
My friends total and unconditional love and devotion, through thick and thin.
The look upon my student's faces when they feel they can do something they never thought they could.
When their faces light up as I walk into the classroom.
The genuine 'hmmm' sound  people make when they eat something I cooked.
The fact people actually take the time to read what I write and what I cook (still totally shocked by that one lol)
My son being so willing to experiment with cooking and food.
Making someone smile or laugh.
A cold winter's day in an English seaside village eating Fish and Chips, a Cool Italian evening eating a 5 course seafood dinner, a hot August day on a Portuguese beach eating a Custard Doughnut.

It's hard to stop when  you start thinking about the things that bring happiness into your life.
It made me realise that we often focus so much on the bad that we forget how fortunate we are, to have little pieces of happiness coming into our lives on a daily basis.

So now, I would like  to share with you Ten (and I wish it could be more) excellent blogs that always make me smile, for many different reasons.
So in no particular order, my token of appreciation to ten blogs.

Oyster Food and Culture
I just find this blog so amazing. I have learned and continue to learn so very much from it. I do, literally look forward to the posts.

Drick's Rambling Cafe
Now this guy really knows how to handle flavours. His recipes, and in particular, the seafood ones, have me drooling every time!

Cookin' Canuk
This lady has style, trust me, I have seen her TV spot! But seriously, her recipes are gorgeous and have wonderful step by step pictures, not to mention her witty writing style.

Memorie di Angelina
I have so much respect and admiration for Frank. He is genuinely passionate about Italian cooking  and ingredients. So much of that knowledge and love comes across in his blog, it makes addictive reading.
At the same time, he is so generous in his devotion to true homecooking and so supportive to Foodie Bloggers out there.

My Colombian Recipes
Not Italian, not Portuguese and yet, I couldn't help feeling drawn to Erica's Latin flavours. There are ingredients I may never find, but her recipes are so delicious, I can but try!

Chow and Chatter
I just love Rebecca, full stop!
She is so kind, sweet and so devoted to her cause. Her blog is full of healthy tips as well as recipes from all over the world.  She deserves this and many more awards!!!

What's Cooking Italian Style
Claudia is just the sweetest lady ever!
Her recipes combine so many different Italian flavours and the lady herself really is so very precious!
Im so glad to have come across her blog!!

Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino
Not only do I learn about traditional Italian recipes with Eleonora, but she takes so much time and love to dedicate her posts to Italian Traditions, that I had to include her on this list

A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa
Diana is passionate about food and life. Her recipes and posts are amazing. she grows and nurtures what she eats. She makes the most of life and its gifts. I have learned a lot from this lady!!

Tasty Trix
I do so love her recipes. She really knows how to play with flavours. Not only a very nice lady, but also a very serious cook!

So there you go.

My next post will be about one of  my most unforgettable food experiences.

The picture shown at the top serves only to tantilise you taste buds, such as these ones!

Italian Seafood Salad on Foodista


  1. This was a really touching post! The things that make you happy are so sweet, and you're right - once you start thinking about such things, more and more just begin to flow. And really, I am very honored to be on that list with all of those absolutely fabulous food bloggers, not to mention all-around great people who I am very lucky to have met. That includes you of course! Thank you so much for the compliment. *blush*

  2. It's a Beauty to see so many wonderful people come together in such a simple way!I love reading all of these blogs and enjoy them SO VERY MUCH..THANK YOU!!!
    May God Bless......

  3. Oh my, you have brought tears to my eyes and I'm totally speechless on my kind words. I am overwhelmed to say the least. My sincere thanks to you for thinking of me on this wonderful award is overwhelming thanks so much for the friendship and pleasure of your friendship :)

  4. What a beautiful blog.I'm halfway through the beginning, when I stop and go,"she's talking about me! Os she really talking about me?" Thank-you so much for the kindnesses. Meanwhile, I know most of the blogs you mentioned - but not all - so need to take a look. And yes, you have me tantalized.... waiting for the next morsel.

  5. Such a nice post! Congrats on your award!

  6. Congratulations on your well deserved award! And more seafood dish... love it especially the prawns menu. yumm..yumm..yumm....

  7. Thank you so much, Ruth! I really appreciate it ;-)

  8. Ruth,

    Thank you so much for thinking of me, I am really honored- especially when I look at the talent of the other folks you mentioned. Wow! Some of the blogs you mentioned I read, some you introduced me to - thanks for sharing such an amazing gift. Some I see on Twitter. What a small world we live in.

    Congratulations on this well deserved award. Your cooking is such an inspiration - I try not to let my husband see what he is missing out on =) Your stories and what you share through your days the way you open up to friendship is wonderful and very special. Thank you for sharing all that you do, my days are brighter as a result!

  9. thank you so much sweet Ruth your a fab Mum and I can so relate to the hugs J has just started to wrap her cute lil arms around me magic!

    love ya Rebecca

  10. Ruth, thank you so much! I am so happy to have been included. I just loved reading about what makes you happy and seeing that it's in your son, friends, and food! Just love learning from you!! Besitos Amiga!

  11. Ciao Ruth! Oh thank you for stopping by so that I can get to know you. I've read your lovely blog today and clicked on the 'follow' button so I don't miss a thing! Congrats on the award! You follow alot of my other bloggin friends! Great minds think alike, huh! Amore e' baci, Roz (aka bella)

  12. hi there when you get a chance stop by my blog I have something for you :)

  13. Congratulations to all the wonderful foodie blog winners of this very deserving award!


  14. Hi Ruth, just letting you know that I finally managed to pass on the Award you gave me last August! So I mention you on my blog :)

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