Sunday, 3 January 2010

Holidays Indulgence: Creamy Baked Cod and the Easiest Chocolate Mousse Ever!

Happy 2010, everybody!

Well, these holidays I was very lucky. The people I live with don't share the same passion for cooking. On the other hand, they love fish and seafood. So I was able to indulge and over indulge in my passion for cooking and Fish.
If fish wasn't so expensive, I would be a very happy Pescetarian.

So I will share the recipes I cooked for Xma's eve, Xmas Day, New Year's eve and New Year's day with you. They were inspired by Portuguese and Italian flavours and in some cases, British Flavours, i.e. Xmas Dinner.

So first off, Xmas eve.
Xmas Eve Lunch is very important in Italy.
Tradition dictates that you must eat fish and seafood throughout the day.
You can imagine how unhappy I was to hear this!

So for Xmas Eve Lunch we had SPAGHETTI ALLO SCOGLIO. The recipe can be found here

For Dinner I cooked a traditional Portuguese dish with Salted Cod. It is widely available in Italy, thank the lord, and known here as Bacala.
It turned out just beautiful. I cooked it before we headed off to my friend's mamma and when she tried it and said it was delicious I knew I had made it.
When an Italian Mamma gives you the thumbs up, well you just know it.
She even kept the leftovers lol!
Best Xmas present ever!

The pictures here are of the step by step, process, with the final picture showing the dish just before baking.



600 gs of salted cod
500 gs of potatoes
250 ml of cream
150 ml of milk
1 tbsp of flour
150 gs of butter
1 large onion
A pinch of nutmeg
1 clove of garlic
oil for frying
olive oil

First you must prepare your potatoes. Cut them into cubes and fry them until they're soft, not crispy.
Set them aside.
After having soaked your cod for at least 18 hours, boil in some milk, remove and allow to cool.
Slice the onions thinly and fry them with the chopped garlic on a low heat.
Prepare the bechamel sauce with the cream, milk, butter, flour and a pinch of nutmeg. Reserve a 3rd of the sauce aside.
Once the cod has cooled, pull it apart and remove any bones.
Fry it gently with your onions, that should by now be gently fried, until clear, and add some chopped parsley.
Add the bechamel sauce to the mixture. Allow it to come to boiling point and switch off the heat.
Layer the bottom of your baking tray with some of the fried potatoes. Add the cod mixture and top up with the remaining potatoes.
Pour the bechamel sauce that you have set aside over the final layer and you're ready to bake in an oven at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes.

For Dessert, I made the easiest Chocolate Mousse recipe ever .


200 gs of  dark chocolate
50gs of butter
4 eggs
100mls of cream
100 gs of sugar or more to taste

Melt the chocolate in a banne marie with the butter.
Separate the egss and beat the egg whites until stiff.
Mix the egg yolks with the sugar.
Allow the melted chocolate to cool down and once so, add it to the yolk and sugar mix.
Add the cream and finally the beaten egg whites to the mix. Fold gently.
Place it in the freezer for an hour and the in the fridge for four to 6 hours.

You can also add nuts or some liquer to make it richer.

So there you go, folks. My indulgences for Xmas Eve.
There's plenty more to come, stay tuned!


  1. love the nutmeg flavor you used in here.... sound fantastic, I use that alot with my fish, especially in cream sauces...sounds like a winner for the first of the Happy New Year for you and to you! Cheers :)

  2. Just reading this post has made me a very happy pescetarian indeed! Can't wait to try these out, yum...

  3. at first I wondered how cod and chocolate would pair together - thank goodness it was more than one recipe ... the creamy cod sounds wonderful and flavorful, will have to try it...the mousse too!

  4. I want it all - all! How lucky you are. The shrimp, the cod, the mousse....

  5. H Ruth, it's been awhile since your moving! Have to read through, so that I can catch up with you again. Btw, Happy 2010 to you too! Hope you've a blissful & joyous yea and may your wishes come true.
    Best wishes, Kristy

  6. Everything you made and described sounds wonderful! What an incredible way to welcome in the New Year. I love your salted cod recipe - we can find it here, but its a bit of a challenge. I will now be on a special look out as your version sounds like a must try!

  7. awww, this truly reminds me of my recent honeymoon trip to italy where i had the pleasure of eating delicious italian food, like the spaghetti allo scoglio. yum!

  8. Great year too, thanks for sharing you recipes, they save me a lot the last years and just until now I have my own website.