Thursday, 18 March 2010

Vanilla and Cinnamon Creamy Rice Pudding or Arroz Doce

As I said in my previous post, the only thing Alex hates is rice but, strangely enough he loves Rice Pudding!
Whenever I make it, he has 2/3 helpings within minutes and can never have enough of it!

My recipe for Rice Pudding is slightly different from the traditional one.
I make it the Portuguese way, and that means a lot of cinnamon.

I posted this recipe a long time ago on the blog, when I first started blogging in fact, but I think it's worth reposting simply because I do make it time and time again.
 It's so creamy and delicious that, everytime Alex says he doesn't like rice all I have to do is say that in that case I won't be making Rice Pudding anymore, and suddenly he becomes a rice lover all over again!!

Bom Apetite!!
Creamy Vanilla and Cinammon Rice Pudding
Ingredients for 4 People:

- 250 g (9 oz.) long-grain rice
- 300 g (10 oz.) sugar
- Zest of 3-4 lemons
- 1 litre (4 cups) milk
- 6 egg yolks
- A small pinch of salt
- 1 cinnamon stick + ground cinnamon
- 100 g (6 tbsp.) butter
- Vanilla

Place the rice in a saucepan and cover with lots of water, let boil for 8 minutes.
Drain in a sieve.

Return the rice to the saucepan.
Add the milk, butter, vanilla and sugar, add the lemon zest when the mixture first begins to bubble.
Let cook over low heat for 20 minutes with the cinnamon stick.
Turn off the heat.
Add the egg yolks and the salt.
Stir well while the heat of the rice cooks the egg yolks

Pour into a shallow dish and decorate with powdered cinnamon.
Serve hot or cold

                        Rice Pudding


  1. Wow I have always tried to make this and it came out aweful, yours looks so creamy and delcious, I have never had luck with rice pudding! I will have to give it another whirl this is mouth watering!

  2. oh wow send over a bowl for Jasmine

  3. What a lovely & tasty looking rice pudding!!

    MMMMMMM,...all the way!

  4. Haven't had rice pudding since I was a kid- but I loved it!

  5. I haven't made rice pudding yet and I think my daughter would really like it as she really likes rice. I can't wait to try this!

  6. Yes! This looks incredible! Big big fan of rice pudding.

  7. I love love love rice pudding, you could post this once a month just to keep me drooling!

  8. Oh Ruth - this is cloudy-dreamy-delicious. I ahven't made rice pudding in years. You have inspired me to go back to it. Sweet! In all ways.

  9. I came over on the suggestion of Rebbeca from Chow&Chatter. I am glad I did! Great blog. I was exposed to some Portuguese influences during a recent trip to South Africa and I love the flavors and am interested in learning more. I love rice pudding and can't wait to try your version. Keep up the excellent job!!

  10. I've been thinking about making rice pudding, and just needed a bit of push to make it so - you've given it to me, thanks so much for the incentive with this wonderful recipe.

  11. What a delicious recipe that's called in Argentina "Arroz con Leche" it's almost the same so with some variatios, I'd like to taste this one because I'VE never eaten Vanilla and Cinnamon Creamy Rice Pudding or Arroz Doce .m10m

  12. Easy to make and delicious. That is how I like it. Thanks for sharing.