Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ham Hock with Vegetables or Stinco di Maiale Con le Verdure

As we say goodbye to the Winter, I would like to share something that I have learned about comfort food.

Good food, satisfying and filling meals are really about the quality of the ingredients. The better the quality, the tastier the meal. The better the quality, the simpler the ingredients.

And this recipe is the perfect example of that! A good piece of smoked meat and some fresh vegetables, that is all you need to get the ultimate flavour experience.

Take a good quality Ham Hock, Ham Shank or Stinco di Maiale, as they call it here.
I can't begin to tell you how much the name amused me when I first bought it...
Add some good quality seasonal vegetables and allow them to cook in the wonderful smoky broth and hey, presto, the perfect comfort food.

My inspiration came from the help of Frank Fariello who did some research upon my request for help, and came up with the recipe below!
And that's just what I cooked.

My Ham Hock came in a box, already pre-boiled. But if you are cooking yours from scratch, make sure to cook the ham for 90 mins before adding your veggies.
 In a way I wish I had too, because the stock was so yummy, I felt that if I had bought the non-preboiled variety, I would have been able to save some of that amazing broth.

The recipe couldn't have been easier!! Just make sure all your veggies are in season.

I made this for a Dinner Party.
I served some Antipasto, instead of a Primo. Such as Parmesan Cheese Shavings with Balsamic Vinegar:
And a Selection of meats and cheese:
The main meal's end result may look slightly messy but everyone loved the rusty look and feel of the dish.
The meat was so tender and the vegetables so flavourful!
Hope you try it!!

Ham Hock/Shank with Vegetables or Stinco di Maiale Con le Verdure
  Ingredients (Serves 4)

4 pork shanks weighing about a pound (450 g) each
4 medium carrots, peeled and chopped into rounds
2 large onions, peeled and finely sliced
400 gs of green beans
400 gs of Brocolli forets
A small head of Savoy cabbage, cut into thin strips
Salt and pepper to taste
Some boiled potatoes cooked aside and served with meat and veg


If not pre-boiled...
Wash the shanks and put them in a pot with cold water to cover. Bring the pot to a slow boil and simmer the shanks, covered, for 90 minutes.

When the time is up season them to taste with salt and pepper and add the carrots and onions.
Continue simmering for 15 minutes more, and then add the sliced cabbage, green beans and broccoli. Simmer until the vegetables are tender (figure at least a half hour). Check seasoning, and serve at once with your boiled potatoes.
And the veggies really were to die for, I can assure you!!

                        Ham Shank


  1. Ruth, this looks absolutely delicious! Now that Spring is on it's way I haven't wanted to make a stew, lol! But after seeing this.... I'll have to bring out the dutch oven!

  2. This going straight to be a link on my fb Comfort Food page!

  3. Wow, this looks fabulous! (And thanks for the credit... glad to see the research went to good use.)

  4. That does look like a real quality food! :) You're right. Delicious meals usually have simple and good quality ingredients. :)

  5. This sounds so satisfying and delicious! Yum!

  6. The dried meats and sausages obtainable to you are to be envied!

  7. yummy love your cooking hope we can all meet up one day

  8. That looks wonderful!I love dishes like that one :)

  9. Thanks everyone and Frank I am relieved you liked it!! thanks so much for the fool-proof recipe!!

  10. Oh my goodness, this just sounds amazing and perfect for me, as I am getting most of these veggies in my CSA. Thanks so much for sharing sounds wonderful!

  11. Nice recipe thanks, I takes some time but is nice because have meat and much vegetables.