Saturday, 13 November 2010

Chocolate and Strawberry Cake Teaser and Memoirs of a Foodie living in Italy

After my incredible experience in Italy during last year, I was forced to make a decision last Summer.

You see, as much as I had fallen in love with the country, I was terribly disillusioned with their educational system.
Iloveflavour Jr had not had a good experience of the Italian educational system.

I knew, that against my own personal emotions, it would be better for him that we returned to the UK for the new school year.

And so we did.
It was incredibly hard as both of us had to leave many dear friends behind, but they will always been in our hearts.

As for Iloveflavour Jr, he is now blooming in his new school, has made many new friends and is incredibly happy.

So we've been so busy relocating, I am guilty of having severly neglected the blog in turn.

My dear friend Rebecca from Chow and Chatter suggested that in honour of my experience in Italy and of the lovely people we met there, I should write a kind of diary of memoirs, expressing all the little foodie quirks and curiosities I experienced in the time I lived there.

So folks, that is what I propose to do over the next few months.

So why the chocolate cake, I hear you ask. Well for two reasons.

 Firstly, because I found that Italian people in general have a very sweet tooth and most of their cakes and sweets have a much higher sugar content than the ones in the UK.

Secondly because the cake you see her was the one I made for my  Italian students to celebrate one of their birthdays. It has, therefore, a very special meaning to me.

As for the cake itself, I couldn't give you the recipe as it couldn't be simpler.
Here's an idea.

Make two circular sponge cakes.
Place a layer of sweetened single cream and sliced strawberries on one of them.
Place the second sponge cake on top.
Cover with chocolate icing (melted milk chocolate and icing sugar)

There you go.
Hope you come back soon to read more about what I learned.
Indeed an experience I will never forget!!


  1. oh wow so happy you did a post love the cake and wonderful to chat in person I just made a u tube clip talking about my views on blogging and mentioned a little about what we discussed hope you don't mind I want to inspire others to keep blogging and having fun with it

    Love Rebecca

  2. I just watched Rebecca's video post and I wanted to read your memoirs of Italy :) Looking forward to more posts on the subject. Sometimes even simple cakes have great nostalgia attached, like the ones our moms and grandmothers would make us.

  3. love this new looking site! This cake is fabulous looking, I would love to make this to bring to a dinner party so elegant! Welcome back!

  4. I understand the need to relocate for what is best for your child. But oh - that must have been hard. The cake wraps me up and begs to be eaten. The memoir is a fine idea indeed - you have such a unique perspective. Look forward to it.

  5. moving is always so incredibly hard, even if it's a positive move. as parents we sacrifice all the time. in the end it's worth it (i hope)

  6. Oh Ruth, I am so sorry that you had to move, especially when it sounded like you were nicely settled. I completely understand your incredible unselfish reasons for moving back to the UK and I hope you both are settling in nicely.

    For purely selfish reasons, I am so glad you are back and posting - this chocolate cake looks sinfully delicious. I can only imagine how incredibly busy you are and look forward to your posts like I look forward to a piece of chocolate cake. I'd have loved to have connected when we were in Italy, but maybe one day when we visit the UK.

  7. Oh, it's a shame you couldn't find a good school in Italy. You'll end up back there one day if that's what you want.

  8. I'm sorry that you had to move back, sounds like you really loved Italy, but I totally understand about the education system. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your experiences!

  9. Great looking dish! Make me hungry!

  10. What a divine looking appetizing strawberry & chocolate cake this is!!

    Looks the best, Ruth!! Gobsmacked!

  11. Ruth the cake looks awesome...chocolate and strawberry is sure a great combination :-) I am sorry that you have to return to UK...maybe you will be able to go back to Italy in the future.