Saturday, 28 December 2013

Stephanie's Chocolate and Marshmallow Roll-Teaching is definetely my call!

Life takes you in many directions but, with me, no matter what I do or try to do to to change  directions, Teaching always seems to beckon me like a desperate siren lost at sea. It is my call and after two years of fighting it, I have to admit I'm at my happiest when I'm teaching.

So teaching's now taken me into a new realm-The wonders of the Internet!
 I am able to teach in a more personalised way.
 I can reach a student many, many miles away from me and allow them to have an one-hour session of personalised English Teaching, simply by using a webcam and an online book.
It's been an incredibly rewarding experience!

I have many French students from all over France. I love speaking to them and learning about all the cultural nuances and the differences between the regions.
 One of my students shares my cultural curiosity for different recipes and culture. She is a pleasure to teach and although her English may be limited, she has such a passion for learning that I can just see her going from strength to strength and being able to express herself in English just as easily as in French.

She also shares my passion for cooking and was kind enough to share the recipe for one of her children's favourite cakes with me that I am thrilled to share with you on the blog. 

So here it is.
Stephanie's Chocolate and marshmallow Roll.
Please make sure to try it as it's a definite winner among the kids and grown-ups alike.